Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Original Brick Facade

The sheltered housing project on the Rue Morand built on a previously run-down site in Paris garnered a lot of praise when it was completed. Andrew Ayers in his book 'The Architecture of Paris' called it "a colourful clearing in a dense and dingy area of the city", but times can change quickly. The structure is still an interesting one, but the surrounding area has changed. A busy park today sits opposite and modern sports hall has been built alongside, and it is now the imperfections of this structure that have become visible. Panels are falling off the wall, and the building now seems somewhat cut off from its neighbours, hidden as it is behind high gates and fencing.

There is one unique feature though which still helps it to stand out - the magnificent brick mesh facade which helps the building glide seamlessly from its dynamic pointed edge at the front to the early 20th century brick building at its rear. It is a thoroughly imaginative and unusual use of brick and one that does honour to those who took time to decorate the neighbouring structure alongside one hundred years ago.

Address: Rue Morand, 75011
Architect: The Architecture Studio
Year of construction: 1994-96


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